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Sweet mother of god. I got selected for random drug testing at work. -.- I have to take the pee test on Monday, at the very latest. I’ve smoked a LOT in the past week (like every day), and the past month, it’s been like 1-2 times a week. I had a period where I didn’t smoke much a couple months ago, but I still smoke pretty regularly overall. FUCK. I’m already drinking water like my life depends on it (or, ya know, my job), but does anyone else have helpful hints for me? Or should I just get some fake pee? I’m fucking scared. I mean, my boss is pretty relaxed, but still. If I test positive for THC, I can try to tell her I just smoked on my 4-day vacation and that I don’t do it regularly, but I really don’t know if that would even help my case. I  mean, if it’s in my pee, I obviously can’t tell her I’ve never smoked, because it’s apparent that I have in the last 15-30 days. I just cannot lose my job. I have to re-register my car and change my oil, and probably my brake pads ASAP, I have rent to pay which is over 1/2 this paycheck, this paycheck was already tiny, I have insurance to pay, I have absolutely NOTHING in my savings account to help me, and if I lost my job, could I use it for a reference without my boss saying I got let go for failing a drug test? Because I’m pretty sure no one would hire me if she said that. Fucking hell. Help? 

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  2. letsgo2mars said: Drink A LOT of cranberry and prune Juice/exercise and also a lot of water, but ur already doing that so lol ur good
  3. whisperxx reblogged this from eternal-radnesss and added:
    Yeah as long as you don’t go to a place that tests for the synthetic stuff in said “fake pee” you’ll be fine.
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    MDMA only lasts 3-5 days, so I’m fine on that. I’m probably just going to have to use fake pee. My wonderful pothead...
  5. sunflowerbabe1 said: I wish I knew what could help. I’ve been told a few things before, but I can’t remember because I’ve never needed them. ): If I figure some things out, I’ll for sure let you know!

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